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Our Night Drainage Bags can be connected to a Leg Bag to allow overnight drainage. The single- use design means that, once emptied, they can be disposed of for ease and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Drainable and Non- Drainable options available
  • Choice of 2-litre and 3-litre capacities
  • Choose between sterile and non-sterile designs
  • Punched-out hanger holes to allow positioning on a Night Stand
  • Tear-open strip on the GB2 and Single- Use T-Tap on the GB3, GB3S, GB5 and GB5S to allow for quick, easy emptying
  • Tamper Proof – Our single-use Night Bag range cannot be reused after emptying
  • A safety clip on the GB3, GB3S, GB5 and GB5S prevent the tap from being accidently activated prior to emptying


Ordering codes

Single Use Night Bags – Prescription.

Product CodeProduct NameCapacityTube LengthDescriptionQuantityPip Code
10300SGB22-litre90cmNon Sterile and Non Drainable10335-4339
10303VGB32-litre90cmNon Sterile with Single Use T-Tap10342-9479
10GB3SGB3S2-litre90cmSterile with Single Use T-Tap10365-4837
30GB3SGB3S2-litre90cmSterile with Single Use T-Tap30419-3058
10330YGB53-litre120cmNon Sterile with Single Use T-Tap10404-9441
10GB5SGB5S3-litre120cmSterile with Single Use T Tap10419-6838

Single Use Night Bags – Hospital.

Product CodeProduct NameCapacityTube LengthDescriptionQuantityNHSSC Code
10301TGB22-litre90cmNon Sterile and Non Drainable10GDW529
10304WGB32-litre90cmNon Sterile with Single Use T-Tap10
10GB3HGB3S2-litre90cmSterile with Single Use T-Tap10GDW530
10330YGB53-litre120cmNon Sterile with Single Use T-Tap10GDW172


Unlike the single-use options, the GB4, GB4 Fold Up and GB6 can be reused over a period of 5-7 days.

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