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The Libra Sheath is available in a range of styles and sizes and is designed to help men manage their incontinence.

Made using only the highest quality, latex-free materials and adhesives; the Libra Sheath is a practical, comfortable and reliable means of continence care.

Take a look at our video on how to use a Libra Sheath:

Key Features:

  • Integrated adhesive eliminates the need for adhesive strips and tape
  • The nozzle is kink-resistant to maintain continual flow of urine into the drainage bag
  • Silicone is malleable to provide a secure and comfortable fit to the penis
  • Manufactured using high quality silicone that is breathable, ensuring maximum comfort and skin protection
  • 30 hair protectors and a measuring guide in each box as standard
  • 100% Latex Free


Ordering codes

Libra Sheath – Prescription. All Libra Sheaths come with a measuring guide and 30 hair protectors as standard.

Product CodeStyleSizeQuantityPip Code
GBLSW24Wide Band24mm30388-2560
GBLSW28Wide Band28mm30388-2578
GBLSW31Wide Band31mm30388-2586
GBLSW33Wide Band33mm30404-4061
GBLSW35Wide Band35mm30388-2594
GBLSW40Wide Band40mm30388-2602
GBLSP24Pop On24mm30388-2511
GBLSP28Pop On28mm30388-2529
GBLSP31Pop On31mm30388-2537
GBLSP33Pop On33mm30404-4053
GBLSP35Pop On35mm30388-2545
GBLSP40Pop On40mm30388-2552

Libra Sheath – Hospital. All Libra Sheaths come with a measuring guide and 30 hair protectors as standard.

Product CodeStyleSizeQuantityNHSSC Code
GBLSW24Wide Band24mm30FUX029
GBLSW28Wide Band28mm30FUX030
GBLSW31Wide Band31mm30FUX031
GBLSW33Wide Band33mm30FUX036
GBLSW35Wide Band35mm30FUX032
GBLSW40Wide Band40mm30FUX033
GBLSP24Pop On24mm30FUX024
GBLSP28Pop On28mm30FUX025
GBLSP31Pop On31mm30FUX026
GBLSP33Pop On33mm30FUX035
GBLSP35Pop On35mm30FUX027
GBLSP40Pop On40mm30FUX028
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