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What is the difference between a Leg Bag and a Catheter Valve?
A Leg Bag is a bodily-worn appliance that urine can drain into freely from a Catheter or Sheath. The Leg Bag will store the urine until the bag is emptied. A Catheter Valve is simply the tap of the Leg Bag which is connected directly to a Catheter or Sheath. Urine is stored in the bladder, as opposed to a bag, and emptied through the Catheter Valve into a toilet.

Can anyone use a Catheter Valve?
Unfortunately not. Although a more appealing option due to greater discretion, there are a number of circumstances where a Catheter Valve is not appropriate. If you are using a Leg Bag, please consult with your Healthcare Professional to see if a Catheter Valve would be appropriate for your circumstances.

The Catheter Valve leaks urine after I have closed the tap?
Residual urine can remain in the chamber of the valve and drip out after emptying the bladder. To prevent this; after empting, wrap the valve with a tissue and pat a number of times before gently wiping around the inside of the valve. This should ensure any residual urine is displaced.

I’m not passing much urine when I open the Valve?
If you are concerned that you are not passing enough urine, it is important that you contact your Healthcare Professional  who will be able to check for blockages in the Catheter.

The Valve keeps disconnecting from my Catheter?
Disconnection usually occurs when the Connector on the Catheter Valve has not been sufficiently pushed into the Catheter. Ensure the Ridged Connector on the Libra Lever Catheter Valve is pushed in as far as possible to ensure a secure connection.

The tap on my Valve keeps catching/accidentally opening – what can I do?
The Tap on our Libra Lever Catheter Valve can be rotated 360° and positioned to prevent accidental opening.

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