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How often should I change my Libra Leg Bag?
The Libra Leg Bag should be changed, at minimum, every 5-7 days.

My Libra Leg Bag is not filling with urine – what should I do?
Firstly, check that the tubing is not kinked. If there are any kinks in the tubing, straighten them out. A trapped Non Return Valve (NRV) can also prevent urine draining into the bag.

The NRV is the clear flap of plastic that is located directly behind the Bear print on the bag. On very rare occasions the NRV, can become trapped, during sterilisation. Manipulate the NRV by rubbing the front and back of the bag where the Bear is. This should release the NRV and allow proper drainage. If this does not work, please contact your Healthcare Professional.

How often should I drain my Libra Leg Bag?
You should empty your Libra Leg Bag into a toilet or receptacle when it is approximately half full, or when it starts to feel uncomfortable on the leg. To prevent the risk of infection, please wash your hands before and after emptying and do not let the tap touch the toilet seat.

Can I wear my Libra Leg Bag in the bath/shower?
Yes. Place a plastic disposable bag over the Libra Leg Bag to keep the fabric backing dry.

My bag has turned purple!?
This is a known phenomenon called “Purple Bag Syndrome”. Bacteria in the urine or certain medications can react with the bag material and turn it blue or purple. The change in colour is not harmful, but we would advise you consult your Healthcare Professional to rule out infection.

The bag keeps disconnecting from my Catheter?
Disconnection usually occurs when the Connector on the Drainage Bag has not been sufficiently pushed into the Catheter. Ensure the Ridged Connector on the Drainage Bag is pushed in as far as possible to ensure a secure connection.

The Tap on my bag keeps catching/accidentally opening – what can I do?
The Tap on our Libra Leg Bag and reusable Night Bags can be rotated 360° and positioned to prevent accidental opening.

How do I store the Libra Leg Bag and dispose of it after use?
Libra Leg Bags should be stored in a cool, dry place at an ambient temperature. It is important that the Libra Leg Bag does not get too cold as it could cause the plastic to harden and crack.

After use; drain the urine from the Libra Leg Bag, place in a disposable bag and put in with your household waste. Please refer to local guidelines regarding your household waste.

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