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Utilising high quality materials with a user friendly design, the Libra Leg Bag provides total peace of mind for users and carers alike.

With a comprehensive range of sizes and tube lengths, we are confident that there will be a Libra Leg Bag to suit all needs.

Key Features:

  • Needle free sample port for easy, safe sampling
  • Ridged connector for a secure fitting to a catheter or sheath
  • Non-return valve reduces the risk of ascending infections
  • Date fitted box for easy monitoring of how long the Libra Leg Bag has been in use
  • Smooth fabric backing for a comfortable fit
  • 180° lever action tap is simple to operate and secure
  • Kink resistant silicone tubing for easy overnight drainage


Ordering codes

Libra Leg Bag – Prescription. All Prescription Libra Leg Bags come with Fabric Backing and one pair of Leg Bag Straps as standard

Product CodeCapacityTube LengthQuantityPip Code
10130G350mlDirect Inlet10361-2991
10100A350mlShort (10cm)10335-4354
10131H500mlDirect Inlet10361-3007
10102C500mlShort (10cm)10335-4388
10104E500mlLong (30cm)10335-4388
10105F500mlAdjustable (45cm)10335-4362
10132J750mlDirect Inlet10361-3015
10106G750mlShort (10cm)10335-4347
10108J750mlLong (30cm)10335-4404
10110L750mlAdjustable (45cm)10335-4396
10133K1000mlDirect Inlet10361-3023
10120W1000mlLong (30cm)10342-9453
10122Y1000mlAdjustable (45cm)10342-9461

Libra Leg Bag – Hospital. All Hospital Libra Leg Bags come without Fabric Backing and one pair of Leg Bag Straps in every peel pouch as standard.

Product CodeCapacityTube LengthQuantityNHSSC Code
10230C350mlDirect Inlet10GDW518
10200W350mlShort (10cm)10GDW519
10202Y500mlShort (10cm)10
10206C750mlShort (10cm)10GDW512
10204A500mlLong (30cm)10
10208E750mlLong (30cm)10GDW513
10205B500mlAdjustable (45cm)10
10210G750mlAdjustable (45cm)10GDW514

Libra® Conform

Designed for maximum discretion and comfort, the Libra Conform is a three- chambered Leg Bag that will wrap around the contour of the leg.


Having to use a Urinary Drainage Bag can be an overwhelming and daunting experience – least of all when you are young.

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