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Libra® Leg Bag Straps and Holders

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There are two main ways to support the weight of your Libra Leg Bag-Libra Leg Bag Straps or the Libra Leg Bag Holder.

Libra Leg Bag Straps secure a Leg Bag to the leg. A Velcro-style fastening allows the strap and the Leg Bag to be held in place.

Key Features:

  • Two wavy silicone lines on the reverse of the strap assist in securing the Leg Bag to the leg
  • 25mm wide with a tapered Velcro fastening – designed for maximum comfort
  • Tapered ends will not dig into the skin and allow for easy fastening and unfastening
  • Stretchable – a comfortable and flexible fit
  • Latex Free
  • Great Bear’s Paediatric Range of Leg Bags come with their own specific Leg Bag Strap

Another popular method of securing a Leg Bag is the Libra Leg Bag Holder. With its 30% cotton count, it will comfortably support Leg Bags whilst allowing the skin to breathe.

Key Features:

  • Encases the Leg Bag; offering maximum support, comfort and security
  • Available in a range of sizes to ensure a good fit
  • Colour-coded for easy identification of size
  • Has a higher cotton count than other Leg Bag Holders – lessens skin irritation and allows the skin to breathe
  • Universal design so can be used with any Leg Bag


Ordering codes

Libra Leg Bag Straps - Prescription

Product CodeSizeQuantityPip Code
10622C70cm:30cm – for use on the calf5 pairs342-9503
10637T60cm:40cm – for use on the thigh5 pairs342-9495

Paediatric Straps– Prescription.

Product CodeSizeQuantityPip Code

Libra Leg Bag Holder – Prescription.

Product CodeColour BandSizeQuantityPip Code
10660SYellowSmall (35-45cm)4348-9200
10655MBlueMedium (45-65cm)4348-9218
10654LBrownLarge (55-80cm)4348-9226
10665XGreenExtra Large (65-90cm)4348-9234

Libra Leg Bag Straps - Hospital

Product CodeSizeQuantityNHSSC Code
10622C70cm:30cm - for use on the calf5 pairsFUV001
10637T60cm:40cm - for use on the thigh5 pairsFUV002

Paediatric Straps– Hospital.

Product CodeSizeQuantityNHSSC Code

Libra Leg Bag Holder – Hospital.

Product CodeColour BandSizeQuantityNHSSC Code
10660SYellowSmall (35-45cm)4FUV006
10655MBlueMedium (45-65cm)4FUV005
10654LBrownLarge (55-80cm)4FUV004
10665XGreenExtra Large (65-90cm)4FUV003

Libra® Lever Catheter Valve

With its easy to use opening and closing system, the Libra Lever Catheter Valve provides  patients with a secure, more comfortable and discreet alternative to a Drainage Bag.

Catheter Fixation Devices

Proper securement is essential to prevent urethral trauma.  NICE Guidelines stipulate that, where an Indwelling Catheter is in use, a Fixation Device must also be in place.

Night Stands

It is important to use a Night Stand for effective overnight drainage

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