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Please note, these Q&A’s are aimed at the person carrying out the Catheter change. Always consult your Healthcare Professional if you have any issues with your Catheter.

What if the balloon won’t deflate?
Refer to local policy/trust guidelines in the first instance. Soak the Catheter for 10 minutes with a suitable Catheter Maintenance Solution to see if there are any encrustations and then try to remove. If that fails, insert a syringe (with needle) above the valve port into the inflation channel to attempt to deflate the balloon. Finally, refer the Patient to GP/Hospital A&E as they will possibly need a cystoscopy.

What happens if the balloon won’t inflate on insertion?
Remove Catheter if faulty. Re-insert a new Catheter from a different batch, or a different charriere size.

What happens if the balloon deflates in use?
In women, the Catheter will likely fall out. Report faulty product to Manufacturer, complete an incidence form documenting the batch number.

What happens if the balloon breaks on insertion?
It is important that all fragments of balloon are removed. Refer to A&E/On Call Urology as Patient likely to  need cystoscopy to check for fragments.

What if the urethra starts to bleed?
If bleeding on insertion, remove the Catheter. Take Patient observations (Blood Pressure, Heart Rate etc …). If the bleeding persists, direct the Patient to A&E.

What happens if the balloon opens before the Catheter is fully inserted into the bladder?
If this happens, bleeding, damage and even rupture  of the Urethra can occur. Remove Catheter and direct to A&E. Patient will need a cystoscopy to check for blood clots and there will be a high risk of Sepsis so  antibiotic cover will be required.

What if  Urine bypasses the Catheter?
If urine is leaking around the Catheter it could be caused by a Catheter blockage. If the Catheter is blocking frequently, a regime using a Catheter Maintenance Solution maybe considered to help reduce the blockages.

Urine bypassing could also be caused by too large a charriere size kinking of the Catheter or bladder spasm.


After use; drain the urine from the Libra Leg Bag, place in a disposable bag and put in with your household waste. Please refer to local guidelines regarding your household waste.

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