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Catheter Fixation Devices

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Proper securement is essential to prevent urethral trauma.  NICE Guidelines stipulate that, where an Indwelling Catheter is in use, a Fixation Device must also be in place.

The GB Fix-it Catheter Retaining Strap is designed to secure indwelling and suprapubic catheters, as well as leg bag tubing with a sheath system.

Key Features:

  • Secure velcro fastening which is simple to use
  • Two silicone lines on the reverse ensure a secure fit and eliminate slippage
  • Raised tab on the silicone GB Fix-it tie allows for a better grip for the individual
  • Prevents against pulling on the catheter which could lead to pain and urethral trauma
  • Clear labelling to denote size and washing instructions


Ordering codes

GB Fix-It Retaining Strap – Prescription.

Product CodeSizeQuantityPip Code
10644AMedium (45cm)5348-9184
10645BLong (80cm)5348-9192
10646CShort (35cm)5348-9176
10647DAdjustable (150cm)5383-4819

GB Fix-it Retaining Strap – Hospital.

Product CodeSizeQuantityNHSSC Code
10644AMedium (45cm)5FUB006
10645BLong (80cm)5FUB004
10646CShort (35cm)5FUV013
10647DAdjustable (150cm)5FUB005

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