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Why Should I use a Catheter Tray?

There are many reasons why the use of a catheter tray is recommended. A joint report from the European Association for Urology Nurses (EAUN) and the European Network for Safer Health (EASH) advocate the use of catheter trays for the following reasons:

A Catheter Tray will Standardise the Process

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Use of catheter trays increase compliance with recommended catheter insertion procedures and prevents deviations from clinical best practice.

Catheter Trays are Efficient

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With everything needed for catheterisation included within the tray, it makes the process more efficient. This, in turn, gives the healthcare professional more time to provide quality patient time.

They lead to a Reduction in Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs)

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A study carried out at two hospitals saw an 80% reduction in incidences of CAUTIs over the course of a year following the introduction of using catheter trays in a hospital setting. This lead to estimated annual cost savings of £193,000 for the two hospitals involved.

It is therefore proven that the use of catheter trays can reduce occurrences of CAUTIs, therefore reducing the consumption of antibiotics, leading to the cost savings mentioned above and preventing antibiotic resistance.

If you would like further clinical evidence behind the use of catheter trays you can read the full report here

If you would like to benefit from the use of catheter trays you can find out more about the GB Cath Kit here

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Why Should I use a Catheter Tray?