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Why is my Catheter Bag Purple?

It may seem alarming if you suddenly notice that your catheter bag is purple, but fear not, it is a known condition called “Purple Urine Bag Syndrome” or “PUBS” and is more common than you’d think.

What is Purple Bag Syndrome?

Purple Bag Syndrome

Purple bag syndrome occurs when bacteria within the urine produce red and blue pigments. This adheres to the lining of the catheter bag, turning it a vibrant purple, even though the urine itself isn’t discoloured.

What Causes Purple Bag Syndrome?

bacteria; UTI; Infection

The bacteria associated with purple bag syndrome is usually due to a urinary tract infection. Other causes include urine with a higher alkaline content and constipation.

What Should I do if my Catheter Bag Turns Purple?

antibiotics; treatment for purple bag syndrome; infection

There is no need to be alarmed if you notice your catheter bag turning purple and it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your catheter or catheter bag. Specific medical management for purple bag syndrome is not required but you should seek advice from your healthcare professional as there may be an underlying UTI that requires antibiotic treatment.

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Why is my Catheter Bag Purple?