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Which Catheter Bag is Right for Me?

Everyone’s needs are different and what is right for one person might not be right for another. The same can be said for catheter bags, as there is no single universal catheter bag that will suit everyone. Take a look at the considerations you might want to take when deciding which catheter bag is right for you.

Catheter Bag Style

three chamber catheter bag

Many catheter bags consist of one chamber which holds the urine. The Libra Leg Bag is an example of this, a user friendly design which provides peace of mind for users and carers alike. But what if you lead a more active lifestyle and want something that offers more discretion? You might find that a three-chamber design, such as the Libra Conform, is better for you. Urine is held equally across the three-chambers which minimises any audible noise of the urine inside. Libra Conform also wraps around the contour of the leg, reducing the “ballooning” effect and offering greater comfort and discretion.

Finally, what if you are a young child? Maybe the above styles are too big, too cumbersome and too daunting for you? If you are under the age of 10 you may find that a leg bag designed specifically for children is best for you; one that has a fun and less clinical appearance and is less cumbersome for you to wear.

Capacity of the Catheter Bag

Catheter Bag Capacities

The next thing to consider is what capacity you will need. Catheter bags range in capacity, usually from 350ml-1oooml. The capacity you need will depend on how much urine you pass. The majority of people will use a 500ml capacity but smaller and larger catheter bags are available. If you are a wheelchair user, you may benefit from a one litre catheter bag, if you are less able to drain the bag frequently.

Catheter Bag Tube Length

Catheter Bag tube length

Alongside capacity, you will need to decide on what tube length is required. As standard, catheter bags come with either a direct inlet (no inlet tube), a short tube of around 10cm and a long tube of around 30cm. The length of tube that is right for you will come down to your height and where you want to wear the catheter bag. If you want to wear the catheter bag on your thigh, a short tube or direct inlet will be better. Likewise, if you want to wear the Catheter Bag on the calf then a long tube will be more suitable.

You may find that the standard lengths aren’t quite right; maybe you are taller than average and the long tube isn’t quite long enough? You may benefit from an adjustable tube whereby the length of tube can be cut to suit. If you are a catheter user you will need to make use of the customisation service available through Nightingale to ensure the bag is sterile for you to use.

Still unsure which catheter bag would be right for you? Why not try a sample and see which suits you the best.

Which Catheter Bag is Right for Me?