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What is a Suprapubic Catheter and How does it Work?

Foley catheters are soft, hollow tubes that are inserted into the bladder to drain urine. Sometimes the the catheter is inserted via the urethra and sometimes it is done suprapubically.

What is a Suprapubic Catheter?

Suprapubic catheter

A suprapubic catheter is a foley catheter that is inserted directly into the bladder via an incision in the abdominal wall.

Do I Need a Different Catheter?

Foley Catheter; Indwelling Catheter; Suprapubic Catheter

The same kind of foley/indwelling catheter can usually be used  both via the urethra and via a suprapubic incision; check with your healthcare professional if you are unsure. If you are to have a suprapubic catheter inserted, it will be done as a procedure in hospital under local or general anesthetic.

How Does a Suprapubic Catheter Work?

Suprapubic catheter

In the same way as an indwelling catheter inserted via the urethra! Suprapubic catheters works by draining urine from the bladder. You will need to have a catheter bag or catheter valve fitted to collect the urine.

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What is a Suprapubic Catheter and How does it Work?