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What is a Catheter Securement Device and why is it Important?

Catheter retaining devices are crucial, to keep catheters secure and reduce the risk of catheter movement that could cause pain and discomfort. These are also known as catheter stabilisation or fixation devices. Proper securement is essential to preventing urethral trauma.

So, here is our guide, to what a catheter securement device is and why it is so important.

What is a Catheter Securement Device?

A catheter securement device or retaining device is a product that is used to secure an indwelling urinary catheter. It is essential to prevent urethral trauma. Lack of catheter securement can lead to damage and inflammation to the urethra. This could cause pain, discomfort and a high risk of infection for the patient.

Great Bear has their very own catheter securement device, know as a GB Fix-it Retaining Strap. The GB Fix-it Retaining Strap has two silicone lines on the reverse to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

It also has a raised tab on the silicone GB Fix-it tie allows for a better grip for the individual with a secure velcro fastening which is simple to use.

Why is Using a Catheter Securement Device Important?

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As mentioned previously, correct catheter securement is essential. Guidelines from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE)  state that, where an indwelling catheter is in place, it must be properly secured. The securing device may help reduce the risk of problems that can be caused if using an unsecured catheter which include pain, swelling and bleeding of the urethra as well as complications with the catheter such as blockages, leaking and the catheter falling out.

Should I Still Use Leg Bag Straps or Leg Bag Holders When Using a Securement Device?

leg bag holder, libra leg bag, catheter securement device

Yes, you should still use your leg bag straps and leg bag holders when wearing a securement device. Leg bag straps and leg bag holders are used to support the weight of the leg bag. If leg bag straps or leg bag holders are not used then the catheter could be pulled out by the weight of the leg bag. This could cause damage to the urethra.

For this reason, a leg bag should always be secured by using products such as a leg bag strap or a leg bag holder.

Key Tips For Using the  Fix-it Retaining Strap

Hygiene is of utmost importance when catheterised to prevent infection. Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling your Great Bear drainage bags. If someone else is handling your leg or night bag, whether that is a relative, a carer or healthcare professional, they must wash and dry their hands and wear a clean pair of gloves.

• Do not disconnect your leg bag when fitting the GB Fix-it retaining strap. Disconnecting the system increases your risk of infection.

• Change the GB Fix-it retaining strap when you change your drainage bag, unless it becomes damaged or soiled, in which case change it sooner. The GB Fix-it retaining strap is machine washable but will last longer if you gently hand wash.

• Elasticity and support provided by the GB Fix-it retaining strap will reduce over time due to washing and stretching. When this happens we recommend you order a replacement box.

• Do not allow your catheter or leg bag to hang down unsupported. Lack of catheter securement can cause urethral trauma and discomfort.

• You can continue to wear the GB Fix-it retaining strap in the bath or shower but ensure you replace it with a clean, dry one afterwards.

Download your handy user guide for catheter fixation straps here.

What is a Catheter Securement Device and why is it Important?