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What is a Barrier Wipe and What are they Used for?

Barrier wipes and barrier films are products that provide a protective barrier between the skin and medical adhesive product. This helps reduce irritation, sores and skin problems associated with medical adhesive.

So, what are Barrier Wipes Used for?

Stoma Pouches

stoma; ostomy; stoma pouch; ostomy bag

Applying a barrier product when changing a stoma pouch can help prevent skin from becoming sore or irritated from any leakage. It also provides an invisible layer which helps prevent sweat interfering with the adhesive.


sheaths; condom catheter; conveen; incontinence pads; continence pads

Changing your sheath every 24 hours can cause irritation due to the repeated stripping of the top layer of the skin. To reduce this irritation, a barrier wipe preps the skin, not only maintaining skin integrity but also maximising the effectiveness of the adhesive and sheath in use.

How do I use a Barrier Wipe?

Barrier Wipes; Cavillon; Barrier Film; Barrier Film Wipes; Skin Protective Barrier; Barrier Cream

Ensure the skin is clean and dry and then apply the barrier wipe directly to the skin you require protecting. This will be the area around your stoma or the shaft of the penis if you are using a sheath. Allow the product to dry for a few seconds and apply the sheath or stoma pouch as usual.

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What is a Barrier Wipe and What are they Used for?