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How to Stay Happy and Healthy During Self-Isolation

Over the coming weeks Coronavirus will be impacting all our lives, but it is the elderly and vulnerable that are expected to be most affected by this outbreak. With the whole country asked to self-isolate, daily activities that were previously commonplace have become increasingly difficult or impossible.

We know many of our patients are concerned about Coronavirus, so we have put together some handy advice on how to stay safe and happy in these difficult times.

  1. Get involved with an online class 

    It’s easy to spend your time in isolation doing passive activities such as watching TV and browsing social media. While this passes the time, it does little to keep boredom at bay. Keep your brain and body active by using websites like Openculture which provides free online courses, audio books, ebooks, movies and more.

    How to keep active during CoronavirusYoutube can also be a great source for exercise videos, especially Yoga. We recommend Yoga with Adriene, a calming and easily manageable online yoga programme for all abilities.

  2. Wash your hands thoroughly

    Washing your hands is the single most important thing you can do to remove bacteria and viruses, which can spread & cause illness to other people.
    How to wash your hands properlyFor more information, read our article on effective hand washing.

  3. Video call family and loved ones

    Current NHS advice, can seem daunting, especially limiting the number of visitors to your home, including friends and family. Make use of tools like Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp and stay connected.How to video call family and loved ones during coronavirus

    You can even video call multiple people at once using Facebook Messenger or Skype. Arrange a set time to call to make sure you stay in touch. Why not try a virtual cook-along or a coffee morning?

  4. Order your prescriptions and other essentials online or over the phone

    In these uncertain times, it is difficult to know when you’ll next be leaving the house. If you’re a Great Bear Product user, you can order online or by phone and have your items delivered to you for free using our home delivery service Nightingale.
    Ordering shopping and essentials online during Coronavirus

    You can also forward plan and book your slots for food delivery in advance to ensure you don’t miss out. Use phones, online services or apps to contact your GP or other NHS services.

  5. Find a community group online

    Many local areas have set up community groups, pairing those in self-isolation with those working from home who can run errands for you like dropping groceries and prescriptions at your door.
    staying connected during coronavirus

    Use Facebook to find book, gardening or craft groups online so that you can chat and share your thoughts with likeminded individuals.

  6. Keep calm

    If you are concerned or worried there is help and guidance available to you. Stay up to date on the latest advice from the NHS , the Mental Health charity Mind have also put together a resource to help those feeling anxious.


    If you have any concerns about getting your Great Bear items while in self- isolation, call the Nightingale helpline on 0800 318 559 or email us on mail@gbhl.co.uk

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How to Stay Happy and Healthy During Self-Isolation