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Product spotlight on the GB Soft Skin range

When it comes to using a urinary sheath, many forget the products that can make the process easier and maximise the effectiveness of the product in use. The Great Bear Soft Skin range consists of adhesive removers and skin barriers. These are designed to be used alongside a medical adhesive product, such as a urinary sheath or stoma pouch.


There are three products in our GB Soft Skin range. Firstly, the adhesive remover in wipe and spray form that is used to break down the medical adhesive used in a sheath or stoma pouch. The adhesive removers have proven to be very effective in the gentle removal of such products. The spray can be used at all angles and ensures that the adhesive product comes off even the most sensitive skin without pulling and aggravating. The wipes help to remove adhesive residue and leave skin feeling refreshed and adhesive free. Thirdly, we have the barrier wipe, which leaves a protective barrier between the skin and medical adhesive. Our barrier wipes are used prior to the application of the sheath or stoma pouch, prepping the skin and maximising the effectiveness of the adhesive.

We thought we would create a Question and Answer crib sheet to answer our most frequently asked questions, whilst dispelling some common assumptions about the GB Soft Skin range.

How do you use the medical adhesive spray?

Remove the cap of the spray and shake the can well before spraying. Spray the whole area where the top of the sheath and the skin meets. Begin rolling the sheath down the shaft of the penis, use a little more spray if the sheath begins to pull or becomes too tight for you to continue rolling it down. Once it has been removed, you will be able to apply the new sheath instantly!

Will using GB Soft Skin products lengthen the process of applying sheaths?

The formula dries very quickly allowing the new sheath or stoma pouch to be replaced in seconds. The formula has also been made to leave no powdery residue behind meaning NO MESS!

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Will I get an allergic reaction?

It is very unlikely that you will have an allergic reaction from using GB Soft Skin. The GB Soft Skin range is made with medical-grade silicone which is a very inert substance.

I have sensitive skin, can I use GB Soft Skin?

The products do not contain alcohol and are unscented which means they are non-sting and can be used on sensitive skin.

Do you have to use a medical adhesive remover in order to remove the stubborn remnants on medical adhesive?

It is not necessary for removal as hot soapy water will do in most cases. However, if you find removal difficult, painful or you have a build up of adhesive residue, you may find the GB Soft Skin medical adhesive remover a useful addition.

Why not try a free sample of our Great bear Soft Skin Wipes.

Product spotlight on the GB Soft Skin range