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Single-Use Vs Reusable Catheter Bags?

Catheter Bags come in both reusable and single-use only designs. Both have their advantages and will suit differing needs. Here, we highlight the pros that both designs have to offer.

Single-Use Catheter Bags

catheter bags


Single-use catheter bags are undoubtedly more convenient; use, drain and throw away. Single-use = fuss free!

Better for Infection Control

NHS guidelines suggest that single-use bags are better for infection control which is important for catheter users. However, a single-use night bag should not be connected directly to a indwelling catheter.

Ideal for Sheath Users

Single-use catheter bags are ideal for sheath users who aren’t as susceptible to infections as catheter users. If you are using a sheath (or condom catheter) you can connect your single-use bag directly to your sheath.

Suited for an Overnight Link System

So if you are a catheter user, how can you benefit from a single-use bag? The correct way to connect a single-use catheter bag in this instance is as part of an overnight link system; so connecting your night bag to the leg bag that is connected to your catheter.

Reusable Catheter Bags

catheter bags

Better for the Environment

It goes without saying that using and disposing one catheter bag per week is going to be less harmful to the environment than disposing seven bags.

More Cost Effective

It depends on which catheter bag you are using but, in many cases, the cost per night of a reusable night bag is less than the cost per night of a single-use bag.

Has Wider Bore Tubing

Reusable night bags come with a wide bore inlet tube which makes it less prone to blocking. If you suffer with sediment and mucus in your urine you may find the wide bore tubing allows the urine to free-flow better for you.

Better to Maintain a Closed System

NICE Guidelines state that the connection between catheter and catheter bag not be broken. Therefore if you are connecting the night bag directly to your catheter, the reusable design will mean that the connection is only being broken on a weekly basis when you are changing the bag.

Ideal for Those with Poor Mobility

If you are in a wheelchair or bed bound you may not require the smaller capacity leg bags and only need the larger capacity night bags. In this case, due to what has been said previously about maintaining a closed system, a reusable catheter bag that can be connected directly to the catheter will be the option for you.

Great Bear have a comprehensive range of both single-use and reusable catheter bags which you can find more information on here.


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Single-Use Vs Reusable Catheter Bags?