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Raising Awareness for Bladder Cancer

When is Bladder Cancer Month?

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is a global campaign, it’s aim is simple, to draw attention to bladder cancer and the issues those diagnosed face during the month of May. The charity is there to support people battling bladder cancer, to let members know that they are not facing their challenge alone. The Fight Bladder Cancer website is a helpful resource for people who want to learn more about the cancer, and to get help and support but also to get involved and raise awareness and funds for the charity.

Fight Bladder Cancer Charity Journey

The charity Fight Bladder Cancer began its journey when its founder found inadequate information on bladder cancer when he was first diagnosed. Andrew Winterbottom wanted to create a friendly community for people that had recently been diagnosed with the illness and their families. The charity not only supports individuals with bladder cancer, but also the families that go through the process of treatment with them.

Where can I receive help and support?

How to Take Action

For the first time since the event was first campaigned, the majority of the activities during the awareness month will be virtual. Covid-19  is a cause for concern for many, but more so for people waiting for cancer treatments that have had to be postponed or cancelled. The sheer number of calls all charities are inundated with demonstrates how worried individuals are at this time, making the campaign this year even more significant.

Lockdown will not stop the many from raising money for bladder cancers though, there are so many ways we can campaign virtually. Fight bladder Cancer has some amazing ideas for how to raise money virtually. These vary from arranging a challenge later on in the year and pledging the money now! Or you could challenge yourself to a virtual race, measuring the distance on Strava or Fitbit and getting family and friends to sponsor you.

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Why This Year is so Important

This May will also mark the first anniversary of the death of the Charities founder Andrew Winterbottom. It was in October 2018 Andrew learned that his cancer was terminal. One battle was lost on the 31st of May 2019, but the war goes on. Give your support to this small but mighty charity during the month of May! Great Bear will be!

What we can do to raise awareness for bladder cancer

If you or somebody you know if affected by bladder cancer and you would like more information, help and support please visit: www.fightbladdercancer.co.uk or email info@fightbladdercancer.co.uk. If you would like to make a donation to the cause you can do so here

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Raising Awareness for Bladder Cancer