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Product Spotlight: Libra Lever Catheter Valve

When it comes to Catheter drainage, many people automatically think of Drainage Bags. Whilst Drainage Bags prove to be the most popular method of collecting urine, there is another method that can tend to be overlooked; the Catheter Valve.

What is a catheter valve?

For those with adequate bladder tone, capacity and sensation¹ a Catheter Valve can provide a secure, more comfortable and discreet alternative to a Drainage Bag.  A Catheter Valve is a sterile, tap-like device that is designed to fit all urethral and suprapubic Catheters and Sheaths. It allows urine to be held in the bladder and drained directly into the toilet. For that reason, it is important that the individual, or their carer, remember to operate the valve at a regular frequency. Failure to do so would lead to urinary retention that could cause infection.

Bard Flip Flo. Catheter valve.

Patient Success Story:

Ian, from County Durham, explains how a Catheter Valve system helped him:

“I had an accident 20 years ago which left me needing a suprapubic Catheter. With my Catheter draining freely into a Drainage Bag I felt that I had very little control and was in constant pain. I mentioned this to a Healthcare Professional at the hospital and they suggested a Catheter Valve. 

It has really improved my life and given me that extra control. I can now cut out the pain of having a continually draining Catheter and can even enjoy a hot bath! My advice to anyone who is experiencing pain through their Catheter draining would be to try a Catheter Valve”

Ugo Catheter valve. Flip Flo

If you would like to try a sample of the Libra Lever Catheter Valve you can do so here. Please note, if you are currently using drainage bags, it is recommended that you seek advice from your Healthcare Professional in the first instance, to determine if a Catheter Valve is suitable.

¹National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), 2012

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Product Spotlight: Libra Lever Catheter Valve