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New Year, New Packaging!

To kick start 2023 we have changed the packaging configurations on two of our products that will reduce our annual plastic use by 1.5 tonne! So, what are these changes?

No Individual Pouches for GB Fix-it

G Strap; catheter bag

Until now, our GB Fix-it Retaining Strap came in their own plastic wrapping. We have decided to remove this and, instead, the individual straps will be boxed as they are. Not only does this save over 600kg of plastic a year (that’s enough to cover 1,346 football pitches!) it also means our boxes are more compact too!

To overcome the fact that the inner packaging had the fitting instructions printed on them we have amended the box design to include them instead.

More Eco-Friendly Packaging for the Libra Sheath

condom catheter; conveen

Unfortunately, we are unable to remove the individual pouches for our Libra Sheath but we have however replaced the plastic lid with a recyclable paper lid. The design is as per the previous plastic version and the paper is durable to protect the sheath inside. A swap that will save another 877KG of plastic each year.

We have plans for the longer term to improve and reduce our plastic packaging further but with these two changes already cutting our plastic use by 1.5 tonne a year it really does show that small changes can make a big difference! Watch this space for more changes.

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New Year, New Packaging!