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Jane’s Story

Catheterised for 3 years now, Jane from Bournemouth talks to us about reclaiming her freedom!



The Libra Conform has given me my Independence!

I have been catheterised for almost 3 years now following a long history of Continence issues. I’m in a wheelchair and found it was getting harder to find appropriate toilets—you can’t fit a wheelchair in the toilet on the train! I always had to take a carer with me.

To start with I was using the Leg Bags with the push valve but found them very difficult to use. My District Nurse suggested the Great Bear Libra Conform bags with the lever tap. I’m much more independent now, I used to spend all of my life on the loo. Now I can go out, alone, without having to worry about finding the right toilet.

I’ve also found this lovely woman online who makes embroidered Drainage Bag covers. Her name is Tatiana and she makes all colours, all sizes—even ones for children. They’re great because I don’t have to worry about my skirt blowing up in the wind and showing everyone a bag of urine! I can hang a night bag on my wheelchair, disguised as a handbag, and go out in public—people are none the wiser.

This all means I don’t have to worry all day and can get the train to London to see my daughter.

My advice to anyone considering using drainage bags is to just go for it, never look back and enjoy your freedom!

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Jane’s Story