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Introducing the GB3S Night Bag in Convenient Packs of 30

At Great Bear, we are passionate about reducing our plastic waste, while keeping things simple for our customers.  

So, we are happy to announce that Great Bear will be launching a new addition to our range of night bags: 30GB3S. 

30GB3S   contains our popular GB3S 2 Litre Single-Use Sterile Night Bag, in a convenient and cost-effective pack of 30.  

Not only does one pack of 30GB3S use 25g less plastic than three packs of 10GB3S, it also offers one-month supply, in one convenient pack/order.  

30GB3S available now.

One Pack, One Month, One Order

Sterile Night Catheter Bag

Convenient monthly ordering with our new 30GB3S. Our original pack size of ten is still available but for many, this bigger pack size will be the better option.  Why do some good things come in bigger packages?

1. Convenient

Convenient Night Catheter Bag

You only need to order one pack per month and not three. One pack will last you the month so it fits in with your ordering patterns and you will be less likely to run out of supplies.

2. Cost Effective

Cost Effective Catheter Bag

A pack of 30GB3S is the same price as three packs of ten, so there is no added costs.

3. Reduces Waste

The new 30GB3S uses less packaging, so is better for the environment than using three packs of ten. By ordering one pack of 30GB3S  you will be saving 25g of plastic in comparison to ordering three packs of 10GB3S. A small but significant step to reduce the amount of waste produced. You can find out more about the steps we are taking to be more eco friendly here.

30GB3S is available to order through Nightingale, Wholesalers, Chemists and Dispensing Appliance Contractors (DACs). Ordering information can be found here.

Not tried the GB3S before? Try a sample of our sterile, single-use night bag today.

Introducing the GB3S Night Bag in Convenient Packs of 30