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How to Remove Stoma and Sheath Adhesive?

Products such as sheaths and stoma pouches need to have strong adhesive in order to stay in place. Whilst the adhesive provides the peace of mind that the product isn’t going to come off while in use, it can also mean that it is tricky to remove. In many cases, warm soapy water will be sufficient to remove a sheath or stoma pouch but, when it comes to particularly stubborn or residual adhesive, its always good to have medical adhesive removers to hand, to aid in the removal process.

What Is a Medical Adhesive Remover?

medical adhesive remover for sheaths and stoma pouches

A medical adhesive remover is a solution that breaks down the compounds in medical adhesive, making it less sticky and easier to remove. They typically come in wipe or spray form.

Wipe v Spray?

Everyone has a personal preference on whether spray or wipes works best for them. Sprays are great for 360 degree application and getting those hard to reach places. Wipes are perfect for portability, when you are on the move. You may find that a combination of spray and wipes works best for you; using a spray day-to-day and a wipe to remove any residual adhesive that may build up over time.

The formulation used in both the wipes and the spray is quick to dry and will allow you to apply the next sheath or stoma pouch straight away.

How to use Medical Adhesive Remover?

Removing a sheath

If you are using a medical adhesive in spray form, simply spray around the edges of the sheath or stoma pouch and peel/roll back. Keep repeating the spray/peel off process until all the adhesive is removed. A gradual approach will prevent ripping at the skin so take your time and do not rush.

The process is largely similar with an adhesive remover wipe in the fact that you want to take your time. Gently wipe around and underneath the edge of the sheath/stoma adhesive and peel back. Repeat the wipe/peel process until the adhesive is fully dissolved.

If you are using wipes to remove the residual adhesive, simply take a wipe and  gently cleanse over the area where adhesive has built up and it should come away from the skin.

What Are the Benefits to Using a Medical Adhesive Remover?

skin irritation from sheath or stoma pouch

The use of medical adhesives can be detrimental to the skin, the repetitive cycle of applying and removing adhesives means that you are continuously removing superficial layers of skin at the same time which can then become sore and irritated. Using a medical adhesive remover allows for the adhesive to be dissolved prior to removal thus reducing the degree to which the skin is pulled, reducing the level of skin irritation and maintaining the integrity of the skin.

Try for Yourself?

Why not try a sample of our GB Soft Skin Medical Adhesive Remover wipe for yourself and see the difference it makes for you.

How to Remove Stoma and Sheath Adhesive?