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How to Reduce Skin Irritation, While Using Medical Adhesive Products

Do you or your patients suffer from skin irritation while using medical adhesive products? The GB Soft Skin range can help.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a medical adhesive product such as a sheath or stoma pouch, the GB Soft Skin range consists of silicone based medical adhesive removers and barrier wipes.

The products have been made with alcohol-free, non sting formulas, meaning they can be used on sensitive skin.

Learn how to use the GB Soft Skin range and reduce skin irritation in three easy steps.

soft skin range sheath remover spray condom catheter removal

Step One – How to Remove a Sheath

Remove your adhesive product by using the GB Adhesive Remover Spray. Spray the adhesive remover a few times, around where the top of the sheath meets the skin and begin rolling the sheath down the shaft of the penis. If the skin begins to stick as you roll the sheath, use a few more sprays of the adhesive remover spray, to ensure the adhesive product is removed painlessly. The spray can be used 360 degrees, meaning it can reach all around the penis and is suitable for those with dexterity issues. The formula is designed to dry quickly and leaves no powdery residue so there is no need to wait before moving on to the next step.

Step Two – How to Remove Sheath Residue

Use an adhesive remover wipe to ensure that all of the adhesive remover from the product is completely removed from the skin. Your adhesive product is designed to stick to your skin and allows you to remain active whilst ensuring that the product stays put. The adhesives used in these products are very strong, but the adhesive remover wipe will break down this lingering, stubborn adhesive and remove it.

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Step Three – How to Apply a Sheath

Before fitting your new sheath, use a barrier wipe. The barrier wipe will leave a protective layer on the skin, creating a “barrier” between the skin and the medical adhesive product to prevent irritation. The barrier wipes complement the adhesive product and maximises the effectiveness of the product in use as it leaves a sticky surface for the adhesive product to stick to.

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For more information read our helpful Soft Skin Q&A to learn more about the range 

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How to Reduce Skin Irritation, While Using Medical Adhesive Products