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How Do You Secure a Catheter Bag?

It is important not to let your catheter bag hang unsupported from your catheter as the weight will cause pain, discomfort and trauma to the urethra.

So, what are the best ways to secure a catheter bag?

Leg Bag Straps

Leg bag straps feed through the top and bottom of the bag to support and secure it comfortably to the leg.

Straps come in pairs and are sized to either fit the thigh or calf.  This is dependent on whether you use a short or long tube catheter bag and where you prefer to wear it.

The longer strap feeds through the top of the bag whilst the shorter strap feeds through the bottom. Silicone lines on the reverse hold the strap in place and prevents slippage and a velcro fastening will secure it. Just take care not to over-tighten the strap which could cause poor circulation in the leg.

Leg Bag Holders

Alternatively, leg bag holders work by encasing the catheter bag on the leg. They resemble elasticated bandages and have a pocket to sit the bag in. A convenient hole at the bottom of the leg bag holder allows you to feed the tap through, meaning you don’t have to unsecure the catheter bag to drain it.

Libra Leg Bag Holders are woven with a 30% cotton count. This means, not only will they securely hold any catheter bag in place, they will still allow the skin to breathe.

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How Do You Secure a Catheter Bag?