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GB Cath Kit; What’s in the Box?

Last month we launched the GB Cath Kit; a procedure tray containing everything that is needed to perform catheterisation or a catheter change. But what exactly is in the box? Let’s take a look.

Removal Pack

catheter removal

The first item you will see in the left hand side of the box is a removal pack. This contains the necessary components to remove the catheter that is currently in situ. Inside you will find a green modesty drape to cover the patient, a disposable apron and pair of gloves for PPE, an empty syringe for balloon deflation, gauze squares to wipe any residual urine, a gallipot to hold used items and a disposal bag to dispose of waste.

Insertion Pack

catheterisation' catheter insertion

In the right hand side of the box you will see an insertion pack, with the items needed to prepare for and perform catheterisation. This pack includes gloves and an apron for PPE, a fenestrated drape to provide modesty for the patient whilst exposing the catheterisation site, a round gallipot to hold the saline solution which you will find in sachets, non woven balls to clean the catheterisation site and gauze squares to dry. You will also find another rectangular gallipot and disposal bag for used items and waste.

Catheter Gel

catheter tray; bard catheter tray; catheter kit; foley catheter tray

There is a 12ml syringe of catheter lubrication gel containing lidocaine and chlorhexidine; anaesthetic and antiseptic active ingredients. This will minimise discomfort during catheter insertion and reduce the risk of infection.

GB All Silicone Foley Catheter

foley catheter; urinary catheter; suprapubic catheter; catheterisation

The GB Cath Kit obviously includes a foley catheter. You can order the kit with either a 12, 14 or 16 Charriere. The catheter is a 100% all silicone 2-way foley catheter with 10ml balloon  and is designed for long term use.

Prefilled Syringe

catheterisation; catheter insertion; indwelling catheter; foley catheter; suprapubic catheter;

There is a prefilled syringe of sterile water to allow for the catheter balloon to be inflated after insertion.

Libra Leg Bag

Catheter Bag; Leg Bag; Urine Drainage Bag

The GB Cath Kit also contains a Libra Leg Bag in 500ml capacity with either a short or long tube, ready to connect to the catheter for urine collection.

Libra Leg Bag Strap

Leg Bag; Catheter Bag; Catheter Bag Strap; Leg Bag Strap

In order to secure the leg bag to the leg, you will find the corresponding sized leg bag strap included in the box.

GB Fix-it Retaining Strap

Catheter Fixation; G-Strap; Retaining Strap; Statlock

Catheter fixation is very important. For that reason, you will find an 80cm GB Fix-it retaining strap inside the kit so that the catheter can be secured straight away.

Want more of a visual guide to the contents of the GB Cath Kit? Check out the video below.

For more information on the GB Cath Kit, please see here

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GB Cath Kit; What’s in the Box?