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Five Ways to Manage Incontinence for Improved Quality of Life

Here at Great Bear we have a commitment to urology. A commitment that manifests itself through providing quality solutions to continence issues.  There are a number of product options that are available for individuals to manage their incontinence. Every person will have their own individual needs and, the most suitable product for one person might not be the most suitable for someone else. Kerry, a Continence Advisor from Wolverhampton, explains this below.

So what product options are there?

1. Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC)

ISC is where a catheter is inserted into the bladder, via the urethra, at regular intervals during the day to drain urine from the bladder. With practice, performing ISC can quickly become part of your daily routine and can give you confidence and control over your bladder. Stuart, who has been performing ISC for some years now explains how it has benefitted him.

2. Indwelling (Foley) Catheters

An indwelling catheter, by comparison, is a catheter that sits in the bladder and continually drains urine. It will be held in place by a balloon and will be inserted either via the urethra or via a surgically made hole in the abdomen, which is then referred to as a suprapubic catheter. Jamie discusses how he manages his urinary incontinence with a suprapubic catheter and of the importance of ensuring that you select the right continence product solutions to suit your personal needs.

3. Leg Bags

If you are using an indwelling catheter or sheath (condom catheter) you will need to attach it to a drainage bag. One type of drainage bag is known as a leg bag which is positioned on a person’s thigh or calf. Available in a range of capacities and tube lengths, you can select a leg bag that best suits where you want to wear it and how much urine you pass.

4. Night Bags

Overnight you may need extra capacity to ensure you don’t have to get up in the night to empty your leg bag. This is where a night bag comes in useful. Available in larger capacities, a night bag can be connected to your leg bag for overnight drainage, extra peace of mind to aid a good night’s sleep.

5. Sheaths (Condom Catheters)

Sheaths (Condom Catheters)  are an excellent alternative to pads for gentlemen. A sheath is an external catheter that is worn like a condom for males. Unlike most catheters, the condom catheter doesn’t absorb urine, it collects it and sends it to a drainage bag or valve. A condom catheter can be one of the most efficient ways for certain men to manage their incontinence needs. Kerry explains more below.

This article provides more information on “What is a Condom Catheter & Why Should I Use One?”

This article only covers some of many various methods that someone could use to help with their incontinence. If you or a loved one is suffering with continence issues, do not suffer in silence. Seek medical help via your GP or  contact your local continence service, and find out what help is out there that could give you your life back.


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Five Ways to Manage Incontinence for Improved Quality of Life