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Five Key Tips When Using a Catheter Retaining Strap.

Proper securement of an indwelling catheter is essential to prevent urethral trauma.  NICE Guidelines stipulate that, where an indwelling catheter is in use, a fixation device must also be in place.

Here are five key tips for when using a catheter retaining strap.

1. Sizing is Key

Ensure the catheter retaining strap fits snugly, without being too tight. You want to strike the balance of it fitting securely, without it being overtightened and causing subsequent problems with circulation in the leg. The GB Fix-it comes in 4 sizes, and each one can be cut down to get the sizing right for you.

2. Change Regularly and Reuse the Straps

It is really important to ensure you are changing your catheter retaining strap regularly, they come in boxes of five so can be be changed daily. Our GB Fix-it straps are also washable so can be reused. Over time, you may notice wear and tear to your catheter retaining strap, if the elasticity goes and you feel they need replacing, you can order a new box.

3. Secure the Catheter Properly

Securing the catheter at the bifurcation point is vital when using your catheter retaining strap. Do not wrap the GB Fix-it tie around the catheter tube itself as it could cause restrictions with urine drainage.

4. Maintain a Closed Link Drainage System

Do not disconnect the leg bag when changing the catheter retaining strap. The GB Fix-it is designed to be fitted whilst the leg bag is connected.

5. Do Not Remove When Taking a Bath or Shower

To prevent catheter movement and traction, do not remove the GB Fix-it when taking a shower or having a bath. It isn’t waterproof, but keep the strap in place and simply replace with a clean, dry one afterwards.

Request a Sample

If you think you, or one of your patients may benefit from a GB Fix-it Strap, request a free sample online.

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Five Key Tips When Using a Catheter Retaining Strap.