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Five Commonly Asked Questions on Catheter Bags

If you are new to wearing a catheter or sheath it might be quite overwhelming trying to find a catheter bag that suits your lifestyle and needs, and there will be questions that you will want to ask to help you make that decision. This article answers the most commonly searched for questions when it comes to catheter bags.

1. How Frequently Should a Catheter Bag be Changed?

The frequency in which your catheter bag will need changing will depend on what catheter bag you have. Non-sterile catheter bags that are designed for single-use, will need to be changed after draining. This is common in single-use night catheter bags. Sterile catheter bags that are designed to be reused will need to be changed every 5-7 days. Some catheter bags, such as the Libra Leg Bag, will have a convenient date-fitted box so you can easily keep track of how long the catheter bag has been in place and when it will need changing.

2. What is a Catheter Bag Used For?

What is a catheter bag used for

A catheter bag connects to an indwelling catheter or condom catheter (also known as a sheath). It allows for urine to be held as it is drained from the bladder. As the bag fills up the urine can be drained into a toilet via a tap at the bottom of the bag.

3. Why do Catheter Bags Turn Purple?

Catheter Bag Turning Purple

Purple Urine Bag Syndrome (PUBS) is where discolouration occurs in the catheterisation system, commonly turning the catheter bag a blue/purple colour. This can be caused by medication or infections in the urine and it is nothing to be concerned about. If you notice your catheter bag turning purple you should mention it to your healthcare professional to rule out a urinary tract infection (UTI).

4. Can I Sleep With a Catheter Bag?

Can i sleep with a catheter bag

Yes you can! There are larger capacity catheter bags that are designed for overnight drainage. Their larger capacity means you won’t have to worry about getting up in the night to drain them. Simply connect a night catheter bag to your leg bag as part of an overnight link system. Remember to use a night stand and to position the bag on the floor or a surface below the level of your bladder to ensure the urine can flow freely.

5. Can I Shower With a Catheter Bag?

Can I Shower With a Catheter Bag

Yes. It is important to not disconnect the catheter bag prior to having a shower as this could cause an infection. Shower or bath as normal with your leg bag in place. You may want to change your leg bag strap or leg bag holder and fixation device after showering.

Hopefully this addresses some of the questions you have. Further questions can be found in our Catheter Bags Questions and Answers section you can also request a free Libra Leg Bag sample to try here.

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Five Commonly Asked Questions on Catheter Bags