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Coming to Terms with Urinary Incontinence

Living with a condition that requires you to catheterise on a regular basis may feel overwhelming in the beginning. Find comfort in the fact that you are not alone and many people are out there living with the same products. Everybody empties their bladder in one way or another, it’s a part of everybody’s life. But wee is something that not many people like to talk about, so why would we talk about it when we wee differently? If you use a catheter or sheath it is most likely because your bladder does not empty correctly. Whatever the cause is, we hope these tips will help you come to terms with living with incontinence.

Read About Others’ Experiences

One way to get a head start on living with an incontinence product is to follow the life  and tips of someone going through the same experiences as you.
You can start your blogging journey by visiting the Bladder and Bowel UK’s website who publish blogs of various users.  This can make you feel less alone in the knowledge that others are going through the same experience.

Research for ostomy advice

The Importance of Exercise

We’ve talked about the importance of exercise many times on the website. Exercise can help build a routine and structure your day, not to mention the benefits you’ll feel for having a stronger body; exercise can also release endorphins which can boost your mood. Read more about the importance of exercise here. 

Importance of keeping fit with a stoma

How Does My Diet Affect Incontinence?

A balanced diet is important for many reasons, not least to ensure you have enough energy to keep active throughout the day and maintain a healthy weight. Ensuring you have the relevant nutrients in your diet for growth and repair will also help you to stay well and prevent a diet-related illness.
Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new healthy recipes using seasonal fruit and veg. 

What should i eat for incontinence

Utilise accessories

If you experience difficulties with your leg bags, catheters or sheaths, there are supporting accessories available to help make you feel more comfortable. For instance there are two main ways to support the weight of your Libra Leg Bag; Libra Leg Bag Straps or the Libra Leg Bag Holder. If you find that your leg bag straps are causing you discomfort, try a free sample of our Libra Leg Bag Holder.

Did you know that there are creative people online who create a whole manner of patterned leg bag covers for your leg bag. You can even match your cover to your outfit! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TheConfidence

Free samples of leg bag straps

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Coming to Terms with Urinary Incontinence