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Cold Weather Continence Care

With temperatures starting to fall, you may notice some changes in your continence routine and products. To help you continue to get the most out of your products, take a look at our handy hints for cold weather continence care.


Correct Storage

Cold temperatures can affect plastics, making them stiffer, and more brittle. This can increase the chance of problems occurring. Make sure your leg bags are stored somewhere with a consistent temperature like a bedroom, rather than an airing cupboard or garage which can experience more extremes.


Change in Sheath Size

Many sheath users find that they have a ‘summer size’ and a ‘winter size’ of sheath due to a change in sweat levels, penile retraction or swelling and weight changes. If you notice that your sheath isn’t lasting as long as it usually does, try a sample in a different size or style. Our Pop On style sheaths are designed for retraction, and Wide Band have a wider adhesive area for a more secure fit.



Fires and Space Heaters

There is nothing cosier than sitting in front of a roaring fire when the weather outside is miserable. But fires and space heaters can create intense heat, which can have a detrimental effect on leg bags, making them more likely to leak or burst. Ensure you are sitting a safe distance away from any heat sources to keep your leg bag safe!

Warm Winter Fire

Avoid Bladder Irritants

Whilst tea and coffee are great for warming you up when temperatures drop, they contain caffeine, which is a bladder irritant and can add additional stress on your bladder. Instead, try hot chocolate or hot squash, which will help you stay warm and taste delicious!

Winter Continence Care


Choose Layers Smartly 

Thick clothing made of wool and fleece may keep you warm, but in the event of an unfortunate leak, they can be much harder to clean. If you know you are likely to have leaks happen, try wearing multiple thin layers of easy to clean fabrics like cotton or nylon.

Continence Care in the Cold


Cold Weather Kegels

Studies show that cold weather can have a negative effect on muscle responses and control, which can make continence issues worse. Just a few minutes of Kegel exercises a day will help keep your pelvic floor strong all year round.


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Cold Weather Continence Care