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Finding a Catheter Bag for Young Children

Catheter bags, whilst sometimes a functional necessity, are not always the most practical or discreet. This is especially the case when you are a child, wanting to run around with your family and friends and play without restrictions.

So if you have, or know, a young child who has to use a catheter bag, what considerations should you take to minimise any disruption to that child’s life?

Catheter Bag Size

catheter bag for children; paediatrics; catheter care

Did you know, the approximate size of a 4 year old’s bladder is 150ml? yet mainstream catheter bags start at 350ml capacity which is not only excessive for a child’s output but would also be large in relation to their physical size and cumbersome to wear.  You should firstly look, therefore, for a catheter bag that has been made specifically for children, with capacities starting at 150ml. Not only is this a much more suitable size for their needs, it will also fit correctly around the child’s leg and therefore be more practical to wear.


catheter bag; paediatrics; catheter care

Having medical devices can be overwhelming and invasive, even as an adult – imagine how scary it must be for a young child. Catheter bags that are designed for paediatric use will often feature a more child-friendly appearance; the Great Bear range, for example, have a fun, “teddy-bear” appearance which will be less clinical, less daunting and more appealing to children who have to wear them.


catheter bag for children; paediatrics; catheter care

Children, who are able-bodied, will want to crawl, run, jump and skip – don’t let a catheter bag take this away. Other than the size aspect, that we have considered above, you should look for features such as fabric backing and the ability to be worn on the leg in a way that doesn’t restrict movement. Not only does the Great Bear paediatric range feature soft fabric backing, that will allow the skin to breathe, it also has a centrally positioned strap which will hold the bag securely to the leg without digging in.

Such features of the Great Bear Paediatric Leg Bag range meant that it was announced that it “could revolutionise care for babies and young children” when it was launched. Let your child carry on being a child, try a sample of a Baby, Mummy or Daddy Bear Leg Bag today!

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Finding a Catheter Bag for Young Children