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A Day in the Life of a Great Bear Territory Manager

Ever wondered what a typical day for our sales team looks like? Amy Hockings, Senior Territory Manager for Great Bear, takes us through a busy day in late November to give a little insight to her role.

07.30 Re-load Car Boot

On Monday mornings, I always start the day by refilling my car with all the literature, samples and stationery I used in the week prior. Great Bear manufacture a wide range of products, which means that my car boot and back seats are usually full of yellow boxes!

08.00 Emails and Route Plan

Before getting on the road, I like to start the day by checking through my emails to see if there is anything that has come in that needs to be actioned urgently. Over the weekend I had a few re-orders from a couple of nursing homes in my area, so I put those on the system before making a plan for the day ahead. When on the road, there is not always phone or internet signal, so I like to make sure I have all the information I need for the day before I leave the house.

08.30 On the Road

With a coffee in hand, I get in the car and make my way to my first stop of the day… The supermarket. As we are getting closer to the festive period, I like to drop off a Christmas card for the healthcare professionals that I see, so it is a quick stop at the shop before a 1.5 hour drive to my first destination of the day.

10:00 Speculative Calls – Nursing Homes

My first meeting is at 11am, so I make a couple of stops along the way. Firstly, a nursing home that is already using our products and the Nightingale Home Delivery Service. A quick chat with one of the nurses tells me they know how to get hold of us to reorder and are happy with the service they have been receiving. I then pop into a new nursing home that I have not previously visited. I manage to get the details of the manager and head of care so I can contact them on my admin day.

11:00 Meeting With Continence Advisors to Drop Off Samples

I met with this team of Continence Advisors earlier in the month and they wanted some samples of some of the products I had demonstrated. I had arranged with them to pop in today to drop off the samples as well as some Great Bear literature and a Christmas card. I spoke with one of the team who was not able to attend the meeting, so gave her a quick run through of the meeting we had.

11:45 Speculative Calls – District Nurses

The route from my first meeting to my second meeting takes me through a couple of towns, so I stop in to visit the local district nurses as I go. I manage to speak to one of the administrators in one of the offices and a district nurse in another to make sure everything has been ok with the patients they have referred to Nightingale. It is then time for a quick sandwich in the car before my next meeting.

13.30 Sheath Training With Community Hospital Ward

I recently managed to get Great Bear Libra Sheath added to the ordering systems for this hospital, and as a result they wanted me to do some training on the new products for the nurses and healthcare assistants that work on this ward. They had already ordered all sizes of the standard style sheath, but they were not aware of the different styles of sheath we do, or the accessory items that can be used with the sheath to ensure the best results for their patients. I run through the features of the Great Bear Libra Sheath as well as how to correctly measure, apply and remove the sheaths. Sheath training usually involves a lot of giggling, usually at the expense of my training model – there is something about the yellow silicone that no one can keep a straight face. I then finish up by supplying them with the codes they need to order the other styles and accessories and remind them to give me a call if they have any questions.

15.30 Final Stop of the Day and Drive Home

There is a team of district nurses also based at this hospital, so I pop over to see them but all the nurses are out on visits so I am greeted by an empty office and locked door. I leave a note for them and then begin the hour and a half drive home again.

The life of a Great Bear Territory Manager is fast paced, rewarding, varied and seldom dull! We work with incredible healthcare professional teams to deliver high-quality, cost-effective urology solutions to the patients of the NHS. Great Bear currently have vacancies for their Territory Manager team, if you think you would enjoy doing what Amy does, have a look at the current opportunities 


A Day in the Life of a Great Bear Territory Manager