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Striving to be the number one Continence company in the UK

About Us

Great Bear Healthcare Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of high quality continence products, designed to meet the individual needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

We are passionate about product innovation and making a real difference to our patients’ quality of life.

Our vision is to be the number one continence company in the UK.

Our Values

Dignity & Respect
Patients are at the heart of our business. We exist to support and help patients to enjoy a quality of life unhindered by continence issues. We’ll always treat patients, Healthcare Professionals, suppliers and each other with respect, dignity and discretion.

Dynamic & Enterprising
As a commercial business working within the care and medical sector, we believe in being flexible and responsive whilst keeping pace with opportunities and trends in the sector.

The products manufactured and sourced by Great Bear are synonymous with quality. A quality that is life enhancing and reassuring for patients, the envy of our competitors and the pride of our staff.

Passion & Commitment
Our passion for our products and services, and our commitment to preserving the dignity of patients  will never be undermined by our desire for business success. We understand that putting patients first is our route to success and longevity.

Our History

Great Bear Healthcare Ltd. was started in 2007 and our aim was simple; we wanted to develop a brand of specialist, high quality continence products to enable people to live the life they want to lead. Some 13 years later we remain true to this aim.

In our relentless pursuit to improve patient care we have ensured Great Bear products are readily available in both the primary and secondary care settings. This ensures that patients have the freedom to use and benefit from Great Bear products in both their home and/or hospital setting.

As the Great Bear Healthcare business has evolved over the years we have invested in our team and now have a resource base of 70+ people.

The precise future of the NHS remains a challenge to predict but continued integration of primary, secondary and social care settings seem likely. Rest assured that with a dedicated Territory Manager team we will be responsive to the ever changing NHS dynamics.

It is precisely this closeness to the NHS and product user that enables us to continually deliver new, exciting and innovative Great Bear products. A good example of this innovation can be seen in our Great BearPaediatric Leg Bag range.

So our future business path remains clear and true. Great Bear Healthcare will continue to develop continence products that enable people to live the life they want to lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Great Bear and Nightingale?

Great Bear is a manufacturer of Continence appliances.  You can obtain these items through Nightingale as well as any other Home Delivery Service or Chemist.

Nightingale is Great Bear’s Home Delivery Service, who supply all brands of Continence and Stoma Care items on prescription to your front door.

What does Great Bear Healthcare offer?

Great Bear manufactures a wide range of high quality continence products for use in the community, as well as in a hospital setting. This range includes foley catheters, sheaths, urine drainage bags, medical adhesive removers and barrier wipes, catheter valves, catheter fixation devices and ISC catheters.

How can I order Great Bear products?

With the exception of our Hospital only products, Great Bear products are available on an FP10 prescription, and can therefore be obtained through the Nightingale Home Delivery Service or any UK Pharmacy.

If you are a Wholesaler, Chemist or Hospital Procurement Department, please contact our Great Bear trade desk by emailing tradeGB@gbhl.co.uk if you require further information or to place an order.

Can I buy Great Bear products without a prescription?

Yes. Great Bear products are available for private purchase. Contact us with the items and quantity you require and we can provide you with the price. Please note that VAT and P&P charges will apply if you are purchasing privately.

Can I try a sample?

Absolutely. Simply fill in our online sample request form and we will arrange to get the requested samples sent out to you.  Alternatively, email marketing@gbhl.co.uk with the samples you require.

Are Great Bear products available overseas?

We can send Great Bear products to an overseas address but the postage fees will be payable by the individual.