Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Nightingale has a dedicated Home Delivery Service which has been established for over 25 years. We specialise in delivering all brands of continence and stoma care products to your front door.

Nightingale also has a Nursing Service, consisting of a team of 8 Nightingale Nurse Advisors
Nightingale is aimed at offering you peace of mind and confidence in dealing with a UK based company. The added benefits of using Nightingale are:

• Convenience of receiving your goods to your front door – the hassle factor is eliminated as we can deliver to your front door – no more waiting in chemist queues!

• A dedicated Customer Care Centre to process your order quickly and efficiently in a polite and friendly manner.

• Discreet delivery of your goods in plain packaging.

• Team of independent Nightingale Nurse Advisors.